I guess winter finally decided to arrive! As long as it doesn’t last long, I’m ok with that!

This is your friendly reminder about our next meeting, this Monday, February 22! As many of you know, I won’t be at this meeting, but I’ll miss you all! For this meeting, Amy will be with the teens, and other “regulars” like Kavita, Stacey and Katie will support the adult groups. I thank you all for taking over for me for this meeting, and if anyone can help make sure the sanctuary and other rooms are back the way you find them, that will be wonderful…I thank you in advance! Amy will have the key, so any assistance you can give her setting up or tidying up will be appreciated!

For our teens: We’ve gone ahead and started ordering your binders and gaffs, so they should be arriving at your door soon! If you have not filled out an application form, Amy will have them for you at the meeting. Please fill out the correct form (there are 2 separate order forms MTF or FTM) and give them back to Amy or send them to the P.O. Box address on the form after you’ve measured at home. We hope to get all our teens new items to feel a bit more your authentic self!!

Two April dates where teens are welcomed to come and volunteer include Ohio PFLAG Conference, which will take place April 16 in Fairlawn (at the Uniterian Universalist church). The conference organizers are looking especially for teens to tell your story on a Teen Panel.
Also, MetroHealth will be hosting a Transgender Job Fair on April 23, and they are looking for teens to help out in a variety of ways. If you are interested in either of these events, please reply to this email with your interest, and I will forward your names to the organizers.

Another LGBTQ Support group is having their first meeting this Sunday! I’m so happy to see new groups forming to support one another in communities all over NEOhio! We can never have enough supportive friends!! LGBT & Allies will meet at the First Universalist Church on the Westfield Center Circle on Sunday, Feb 21 at 1:00pm. For further info:

One bit of news that I thought was really heartwarming to hear about recently I’d like to share: In January, an effort was made by our dear friend, Sherrod Brown and the organization Stonewall Columbus to bestow an honorable discharge to an 82 year old gay man who was dishonorably discharged more than 50 years ago. I salute efforts like these to right past wrongs for our fellow countrymen and women who have served selflessly. According to Brown’s website, there are approximately 100,000 veterans who served since WWII, dishonorably discharged for being who they are. I only hope to see more of these wrongs righted as soon as possible. Bravo, Sherrod and Stonewall!

OK! That’s it for now!

Kindest regards,