Greetings, friends!

Well, fall is definitely here! I hope you are all enjoying the changing colors….and while I am not really a sportsball fan, I’m pretty happy that Cleveland is having such a successful year!! Very good for the mood of our area!!

Well, naturally, first up is your friendly reminder of this month’s meeting…Monday, October 24! Can you believe we are celebrating 3 years as a support group?! Very exciting that we are still happening…I hope that we are making the lives of our LGB and T families a little easier, with friendships formed, community education, neutral graduation robes at local high schools, 25 binders/gaffs to area teens, connections made with Westfield and Lubrizol Employee Resource Groups, the first rainbow addition to a Medina parade, silent vigil on the square, lots of information given to area churches, schools, and medical personnel, a rockin facebook page (like us if you haven’t yet!) with positive messages for all of us, several gatherings for picnics, a mini trans camp, and New Years event, and, most importantly, meeting so many others who are on a similar journey. I am grateful for each one of you and am looking forward to many more years of OutSupport! We’ll celebrate with Skittles this year!!

Congratulations go out to our friends in other Northern and Central Ohio location on their 1 year anniversary of meeting…PrideZone TZ in Tuscarawas County, and Love on a Mission are both celebrating their anniversaries!!! We wish you continued success in offering a safe place for LGBTQ teens, families and friends, where previously there was no support. The more support, the merrier!!

Other news:
Teen Pride Network is hosting it’s annual Halloween Party!! You definitely want to be there!! Details at

Our Medina County LGBTQ Teen Leadership Day is fast approaching! If you live in Medina County, or if you live outside of Medina County, and can’t make Teen Pride/GLSEN’s Nov. 5 program in Fairlawn, we invite you to an afternoon of fun, info and friendship!
PLEASE let us know if you will be coming, so we get enough pizza and treats! RSVP by Nov. 1!!! Info attachments below

The College of Wooster has reached out to us with an event next week! If you’re in the area, check it out! Attachment below!

I was able to represent OutSupport at the 3rd Annual Game Change Conference last week, which was at Kent State this year. The programming was really good, and I came away with some info that might be very interesting for our members to be aware of! I learned that Kent State, and I presume other Ohio state universities, offer transgender surgeries under the school’s health insurance. Lots of families keep their young adults under the parent’s insurance, but if surgery is part of your journey, and you are a college student/family, it may be a good idea to look at your college’s policies…you’re welcome!:)

OK…that’s about it for the moment! I wish you all well, and look forward to seeing many of you soon!

Kindest regards,