I hope this finds you all well…I’m writing this between the 5th and 6th game…so…go tribe!! 🙂


I wanted to make sure I got one more plug in for our LGBTQ Teen Leadership Day for Medina County teens, and anyone else (from ANY NEOhio High School) who wants to start a GLSEN GSA type program in their school! It’s this Sunday, November 6, from 1:00-5:00pm.

Our hope is that you meet new friends, release any negative thoughts you might be holding, learn some great ideas about how to get a GSA up and running, or better organize the one you have, and have a general good time! Pizza, snacks, and lots of take home items will be waiting for you!! All this for FREE!!! Details on the flyer below…I hope we see you there! Please RSVP to this email if you plan on coming…thanks! Oh!!! One more thing!! Daylight Savings Time is happening that weekend…change your clocks or you’ll be late!!!


Also that weekend is a day long program sponsered by Teen Pride Network and GLSEN, on Saturday, Nov. 5! RSVP/Details at tpnakron@gmail.com or www.glsen.org/northeastohio  Both days will be loaded with great info, but with different presenters and activities….check both out if your schedule allows!!


Other news:

A great way to celebrate the holidays is with the annual Gay Community Endowment Fund’s Sugar Plum Tour! This year will take place on Sunday, Dec. 4. They also hold a Silent Auction that you may be interested in, as well! Details for the tour are at   www.sugarplumtour.org and if you would like to preview the items for the auction, visit  www.akroncf.org/sugarplumauction   See you there!!


There is a Voice Study research program taking place through Baldwin Wallace University. They are hoping that some of our attendees may be able to participate, and they are specifically looking for Transgender Women over 18 for the study. Details in the flyer below..tell your friends, too! Thanks, Melissa for informing us of this!


The Cleveland Transgender Day of Remembrance will be held on Friday, Nov. 18 at Cleveland City Hall. Again, this is a very moving experience to remember those Transgender lives lost to violence, suicide or otherwise taken from us. We have lost 2 in the Cleveland area this year. Join us as we stand together to support the Transgender community at this annual memorial service. Details in the flyer attached.


I’ve come across a few more resources that some of you may need now, or in the future….2 websites that you may find helpful if you are considering long term care for an LGBT loved one (or yourself!) and also if you are the caregiver for an older LGBT adult. www.LongTermCare.gov  has a section called  “Long Term Care considerations for LGBT Adults”.  You’ll find a file under “basics” at this website www.caregiver.org/lgbt-community-support-faq  offers an email-based discussion group:  LGBT Community Support:Caregiving for our Family and Friends


Finally, a dear friend gave me an article she has saved since 1958, from The American Weekly, which is now defunct. Anyway, I read the article, and it was about a stagecoach driver in the 1860s who was called Charley Parkhurst, who drove for the Pioneer Stage Lines. Some of you might know this story, but I found it compelling. Charley was considered one of the best drivers, fearless in nature, kept relationships at bay, registered to vote and did vote, wore gloves all the time, was clean-shaven, and rarely spoke. After Charley died, his lifelong secret was revealed…Charley was born female. I did some extra research and found several articles written about him, but the ones I found all referred to Charley as a cross-dresser. I would beg to differ, from what I’ve come to learn about Transgender individuals. Charley dressed, lived, worked and voted as a man in those days. In the days before hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgeries, I imagine there were many Charleys…many who lived their lives in silence, perhaps not realizing there were others like him. Anyway, here is a website that offered some interesting information about Charley, if you’d like to learn more.    www.mobileranger.com/losgatos/one-eyed-charlie-the-cross-dressing-stagecoach-driver/


That’s it for now…I hope to see you at our next support group meeting on November 28, and hopefully before that at one of the events.