Hello, everyone!
Wow! It’s spring!! I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves…get outside and get some fresh, springtime air…that always makes me feel better about whatever is bringing me down!
So much to talk about! So many things going on in our area…get your calendars out!
First, our upcoming monthly meeting (Monday, March 27)will, as many of you know, one of our educational meetings. We are looking forward to hearing from our friends Isaac and Tessa from the Battered Women’s Shelter and Rape Crisis Center to speak to intimate partner violence, and ways to stay safe in relationships. Then Mary Beth from the LGBT Center in Cleveland, as a representative of SAGE, will speak about concerns of older LGBTQ Adults in housing and other concerns as they age. This is an open meeting, and will be helpful for anyone in the social services, health care, and anyone who cares about their LGBTQ  family and friends, as well as LGBTQ family and friends. All are welcome! Flyer below. Our April 24 meeting will resume our regular support group meetings.
BIG NEWS OUT OF AKRON!! This week, Akron City Council added LGBT residents to their list of protected classes! I believe they are now the 18th (?) city/town in Ohio to do so! So proud of our neighbor Akron!
If you are a teen in a Medina County High School with a GSA or similar group at your school, or you are an attendee of OutSupport, or if you are a teen in the Medina County area at a school NOT involved in a GSA and would like to meet some other fantastic teens, such as yourself, then you are invited to a Bowling party at the Medina Lanes on April 20, from 3:30-5:30pm! This FREE event (thanks to the Medina Women’s Endowment Fund) will offer 2 hours of bowling, shoes, pizza and soda! RSVP before April 19 to make sure we have enough pizza!!! Flyer attached
April 21 is GLSEN’s Day of Silence, a day when students across the country will participate by taking a vow of silence to symbolize the silencing effects of anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment. For more information about this powerful annual event, visit www.glsen.org/day-of-silence
The evening of Day of Silence, GLSEN and Teen Pride Network is hosting “Break the Silence/Make Some Noise!” from 7-10pm at the UU church in Fairlawn! Check it out!
April 22 is a busy day! MetroHealth Cleveland is hosting it’s 3rd annual Transgender Job Fair. If you are looking for a position within a company, or would like to attend workshops and find resources to aid in career development and job placement, this is the event for you! Registration at www.metrohealth.org   9:00-1:00pm   Keynote Speaker: Christine Howey
Also on April 22 from 1-4pm, Medina High School GSA is having it’s first annual clothing swap and teach-in! Transgender teens may need to find new clothing that works for them as they transition, so this is a great idea, and educate the community as well! And a fantastic way to celebrate Earth Day, may I add! Recycling clothing!! Awesome!
Ok! Well, that’s about it for this newsletter! If you haven’t visited our website recently www.outsupport.org you might want to give it another look! We’ve added a great calendar, and will be adding to it as dates and events come up! There’s lots of interesting resources that you may not be aware of, and our goal is to continue to provide as many resources and events to support you and your loved ones through your journey, whatever that looks like for you. Also, if you want to re-read any of the past newsletters that I’ve sent out recently, you can have a look at those again 🙂  If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, please do…there are lots of uplifting posts, and up-to-date info for you!
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