Greetings, friends!
I hope this finds you all ok…summer is here, and try to take some moments to stare at the sky, feel the sun on your face, and be present to your wonderful selves! (If you are feeling the sun on your face Monday, Aug 21, though..wear your eclipse glasses,..:)
OK…lots to talk about, so here goes!
First, we are so excited to participate in Akron Pride’s first festival and march!!! Can’t wait to see many of you there! Akron PFLAG graciously offered to share their table with OutSupport. Covering the table from morning to night so together, we can get the table manned! Make sure you stop by and say “Hi!” If you want to march with OutSupport, or any other amazing LGBTQ groups that will be marching, meet us behind Chipotle’s in Highland Square at 10:00. The march kicks off at 11:00, and the length of the march is 1.5 miles. Hope to see you there!!
Akron Pride is still in need of volunteers! If you have some time you can offer to help out, they would love to put you to work!!  Please let Ken Ditlevson know your willing to help:  as soon as possible! I hear there is free food involved!!!
OutSupport has been invited to be a part of  which will be gathering people from all walks of life on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2017, to gather meaningful ideas to help improve our communities. This is being organized by our friends at the Akron Community Foundation. Naturally, I would love to have many of you join in the conversation, especially if you live in Medina County (Akron peeps: there should be many circles you can join in with, too!). Details are still coming together, but if you might be interested in giving voice to LGBTQ related concerns to the ACF, please mark your calendars for this date. Details will be available soon. Check out the website for further information about the initiative!
Well, I’m happy to report that OutSupport received funding from our friends at the Medina Women’s Endowment Fund for our request for funds to purchase LGBTQ books for Medina County schools! Each school will have $200 to spend on books that will be empowering to middle and high school aged teens in their school libraries. Thanks to our friends at GLSEN for providing book lists that we can present to school librarians to choose from! If you have a connection to any of the schools in Medina County (Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth,Highland, Buckeye, Cloverleaf, Black River or the MCCC) please let me know if you can help me make contact with the school library staff, and get this project underway!!
I’m also happy to report that the turnout for OutSupport‘s Chipotle fundraiser went very well! We can offer $100 to each GSA group in Medina County! This can fund anything that the group wants to use it for…a party, wristbands, buttons, snacks….whatever the teens want to spend it on! As far as I can tell, there are 5 groups in 5 schools, which is great for a fairly rural county like ours! If your school is one with a GSA, please contact OutSupport, and let us know who to write the check out to! I think Chipotle fundraisers are going to be an annual event…thanks to everyone who participated!!
I’m very happy to announce that I have been approached by 2 separate couples to try to get an LGBTQ adult social circle in the Medina area! If you are in a committed relationship, over 21, and live in the Medina (general) area, and would like to develop and be a part of a social circle for Gay, Lesbian, or Transgender adults, please let me know! OutSupport will be happy to be a connection point for you…let me know you are interested, and I can connect you with those who will be coordinators. One of the callers will be at our August 28 mtg, and would love to meet with anyone else interested in such a group!! Yay!
Lastly, while trying not to be political here, you may want to know that there is a vigil tonight on Medina’s Public Square to stand against hate and bigotry. While not LGBTQ focused, intolerance of any kind affects us all. If you are so led, please join in from 8:00-10:00pm. Bring a candle. I believe there is one in Akron, too but do not have the details.