Hi all!
I’m sure you are somehow experiencing the snow! Don’t you love winter in Ohio? Make the most of it if you can!
Just a few quick items for you to be aware of, so here goes!
First of all, our February meeting is on February 26. I hope you can  make it! One thing that happened at the last meeting was that, in the adult area, there was no “leader” . We are technically peer lead, but someone needs to be in there to make sure that everyone has a chance to be heard, and if someone takes too much time, to politely make sure that they wrap up so others might speak.
I’d like to have someone offer to be that person in each meeting going forward. I like that we a split up the meeting with teens and adults separated. That gives both groups freedom to speak as they like. At the February mtg and beyond, please advise if you want to be the “moderator” that evening in the adult section. Thank you in advance!
Valentines Day is fast approaching! A nice way to spend it is with other like minded friends at a potluck! Our friends at Infinite Rainbow is hosting a Valentines Potluck on Wednesday, Feb 14 at 7:00pm at the UU Church on the Westfield Circle in Westfield Center. Dessert will be provided and everyone is welcomed!!
Teen Pride Network is having a fun event at the Weathervane Theatre on Friday, Feb 23 at 7:30pm. Free tickets, but you need to register in advance at  tpnakron@gmail.com! Also, Game Night at the UU Church of Akron is Friday, March 16 7:00-9:30pm (friends welcome!!)
and the annual event  Break the Silence/Make Some Noise! also at the UU Church on Friday, April 27 7:00-9:30pm...for all info, check out their facebook page   www.facebook.co/TPNAkron   Teens…this is a great group to be involved with!!
Another area production that you’ll want to put on your calendar is a production of The Laramie Project at the Beck Center for the Arts on March 2-11. Local teen actors through the Tectonic Theatre Project will bring this story to life. For tickets: www.beckcenter.org
For OutSupport’s March 26 meeting, we will be having our annual educational event. This year’s title is Justice for All, and will be about LGBTQ and the Law. We welcome Gwen Stembridge from Equality Ohio, and James Knapp from TransOhio, who will advise us on what we all need to know, when it come to things legal. Please note that there is no support group that evening. All are welcomed!!
TransOhio will be hosting legal name change clinics throughout Ohio in 2018…please visit www.transohio.org for all the details. Also! The 10th Annual TransOhio Transgender and Ally Symposium will be held at the OSU Union from April 27-29, 2018. This sounds like an amazing event! Please check TranOhio.org for details on registration, host hotel information, and more.
The last thing to note is the amazing experience in Columbus that many of us were lucky to be a part of. Another ally and I travelled to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus on January 31 to be part of testimony FOR HB 160, the Ohio Fairness Act. So many people gave powerful testimony supporting HB160, and everyone was in tears when a 9 year old transgirl gave her testimony. So proud of everyone who provided written testimony (appr. 140 of us) and 70 were willing to testify that day. I don’t know if you believe in coincidence or not, but those who stayed to be acknowledged in the main chamber (after lunch) were happy and surprised to have also seen an honor be bestowed on a woman, and EMT, who saved many lives at the Las Vegas shooting several months back. When she was able to speak, she thanked her partner who came with her to receive the honor. So, it was kind of interesting to see a lesbian woman honored for her bravery on the same day that testimony was given to protect her right for a job, a home, and public acommodation. We were amazed at the coincidence…and proud of her bravery, too!
Please check OutSupport’s website for information about these and other events, including PRIDE events for the summer! If you are having/hosting an event that you want others to know about, please let us know!! We would be happy to post what you send us! I know that there are many events in counties all around NEOhio, and it’s great to be able to share your events with others! We all like to be able to support each other, and OutSupport wants to support your event!
As in other winters…please check on facebook/outsupport or by email if it looks like we will have a snowstorm. We will cancel if it looks too bad.
Kindest regards,