Hi all!

I’ve got a couple of new dates for your calendar!
Sephora (yes! the skincare/makeup store!) reached out to OutSupport to invite anyone in the transgender community to participate in a new initiative they are launching called:
Sephora Classes for Confidence for the Transgender Community
The launch date nationwide is June 10, and the Sephora store at the Summit Mall in Akron (3265 W. Market St. Akron) will be hosting it’s first class on Sunday, June 10 at 9:00am. All of the Sephora staff are having sensitivity training, and are eager to work with the community.
In the first class, attendees will learn :
How to prep the skin, benefits of color IQ for foundation and concealer, application of complexion products for a natural even finish, and learn how to color correct areas of concern.
If this sounds interesting, please sign up soon! There is space for up to 10 people at each class, and to register, please call the store directly at 330-864-1000×3. They will ask for you telephone number and will give a reminder call the day before the class.
If you are cut off from this class, I understand that they have several classes planned, and I’ll be notifying you when those take place and when you can register. Again, this is for trans and gender fluid folks!
For more info about the program and Sephorastands, go to www.sephorastands.com and check out the Bold Beauty FAQ attached.

Additionally, we are having another Chipotle Fundraiser this summer! Mark your calendars for the Medina Chipotle on Court St. on Tuesday, July 31 from 4-8pm. Last year it was very successful, and we were able to donate $100 each to Medina, Wadsworth, Brunswick and Highland GSAs! I hope that we have another successful fundraiser!!


Kindest regards,