I hope this finds many of you well, as I imagine many families are in back to school mode, and for some, that’s not always easy. Just know that we at OutSupport are there for you if you need support in all that’s involved with this time of year! We wish everyone well, in whatever the next life steps are happening for many of our teens and young adults, and see success for you in whatever direction you are taking!
One of the season’s last PRIDE events is this Saturday, August 25 in AKRON!! I hope many of you can join in the fun of either being in the march or visiting information booths at the festival, or getting a Mama or Papa Bear Hug from volunteer parents to all who need that special connection from someone who cares!  As an FYI, OutSupport will not be participating in Akron PRIDE this year. But that’s not to say we won’t be busy that day! As some of you are aware, we are working with Equality Ohio toward a non-discrimination ordinance here in Medina. There is a big event on the Medina Public Square, that will draw many, many people. So, OutSupport  is teaming up with the Medina Diversity Project to provide rainbow and trans flags and stickers to Medina residents. We want to have a presence at this event to make sure our town knows that we are here and proud and are making a difference in this community. The choice was a difficult one to make when I saw that both events fall on the same date, but I feel that we will be making a bigger impact on our community with this choice.
If you want to march in the Akron PRIDE march, please think about walking with our friends at Akron PFLAG or Wayne County PRISM, or any of the other organizations there. What I love about these events is that we are all a big family, and everyone belongs! Have fun!!
Medina was in the house at the HRC Gala last Saturday…a wonderful event! Medina resident Nathan M was one of the Tri-chairs of the event, and the whole event went flawlessly (at least from my perspective!) The Hard Rock Casino Northfield was one of the main sponsors, and I learned about an organization that celebrates Freddie for a Day, called the www.mercuryphoenixtrust.com, which holds the event each year on Sept. 5, Freddie Mercury’s birthday. He would have been 71 this year. The organization holds events around the world, including at Hard Rock Casinos, including ours at Northfield Park. This organization has donated to over 700 projects worldwide that combat HIV/AIDS during the past 15 years, donating over $21 million. Check out their website for more, and if you want to be a Freddie for a Day, Northfield Rocksino will have information on their website next week, I’m told!
Also, a main theme of the Gala was to make sure we all vote for pro-LGBTQ Candidates in the upcoming mid term elections. Elections do count, and we are all feeling the effects of the last one. PLEASE!! Make sure that you are registered to vote. You can register online at
www.MyOhioVote.com  or www.sos.state.oh.us/elections/voters/    or contact your county’s Board of Elections.  HRC has endorsed many candidates in Ohio elections, so I urge all of you to confirm your voting status, and volunteer to canvas or otherwise contribute to campaigns that support Equality! AND VOTE!!!!! It’s really important!!!
Cleveland PFLAG is offering a new movie for Akron PRIDE week called Man Made, which features a Cleveland PFLAG member and her son-in-law and daughter, all in NEOhio! this film will be shown at the main branch of the Akron Public Library on Tuesday, Aug. 28 at 5:30pm. Check out Cleveland PFLAG’s Facebook page for more details!
Also, I received an email from friend of OutSupport, Kellie J, who wants to let everyone know that there is a Mama Bear group that meets the 1st Tuesday of each month for fellowship and dinner at BAM in North Canton. All are welcome! Also, she advised that in their group, the mamas with transgender children had abnormal prenatal screening tests, and there is a survey that we can take if you are interested.  www.surveymonkey.com/r/RYPWD89  Results will be included in a presentation to the CCF to improve care for LGBTQ patients. Thanks!
Ok…that’s about it for now! OutSupport‘s next meeting is next Monday, Aug. 27 at 7:00, as usual! We continue to be able to offer teens free binders and gaffs, and would love to get them on teens who need them!! Come to a meeting, fill out the form, and get one in the mail within a few weeks! Hope to see you then!
Kindest regards,