Hello, friends!
I’ve been concerned the last month, after realizing how loneliness can affect our mental health, and having conversations with, specifically lesbians, and realized that OutSupport hasn’t offered any specific assistance with lesbian friends of OutSupport.
I’d like to make you all aware of a new closed Facebook page that a friend of OutSupport made yesterday.
Lesbian Social Group-Northeast Ohio
Many of you have found a special partner or have married, but there are many who are looking for friendship or more, or just want to meet people who have the same concerns, interests, etc..
If you are lesbian, or know of one in your world, please let them know of this. Community is so important, and loneliness can be deadly.
It would be really nice to make the connections in the area. Especially for those who are not in the bigger cities, and live in more rural areas, or are a bit older.
Of course, we welcome all to our next OutSupport meeting on January 28.
Any questions, please feel free to ask!
Kindest regards,