Hi all,
Thanks to everyone’s support in the efforts for equality here in Medina. The final Nondiscrimination Ordinance hearing is Monday, July 8. Originally, we have asked that you arrive early for the 7:30pm start time, if you want a seat. Now, it’s been requested by Councilman Bill Lamb, to consider arriving as early as 5:00pm. There is a Finance Committee meeting prior to the full council, and Father Tony from St. Francis Xavier sent out a text to all 11, 400 parishioners to come to the Finance Committee meeting at 5:00 to, basically, oppose the ordinance.
So….I plan to be at Medina City Hall (132 N. Elmwood Ave.) at 5:00, and if you’d like to join me, please do so. If you want to speak in support of the ordinance, please come prepared to speak. Speakers will be limited to a time toward the beginning of the meeting, and it is possible that we will have speakers sign up in advance. They have done this in other cities for this issue, and it makes for a much more orderly meeting. The public will be permitted to speak during this time.Wear BLUE
If you want to join us Sunday on the Medina Square for a Pop Up Pride event in support of the ordinance, we will be there at 6:00-8:00 (bring your umbrellas, and if there is lightning, we will adjourn and wait for it to pass, and move out to the sidewalk around the square again). Keep an eye on the forecast, and if it looks like heavy rainfall, we may cancel. Keep an eye on the Facebook event…I’ll post there if we need to cancel to weather. Wear WHITE.
If you can’ t make it to either event..please send positive thoughts our way!