Hi all!
I hope you are all having a fantastic summer! Just a few quick updates…
Our next meeting is this Monday evening, July 22! We hope to see you there!
While the nondiscrimination ordinance passed Medina City Council on July 8 (YAY!!!) we are unfortunately, not out of the woods just yet. The Ohio Christian Alliance is gathering signatures to try to overturn the ordinance by putting it on the ballot in the fall. They need 1000 signatures, and they are already out in front of stores and will likely be on events on the Medina Public Square. We would like to ask you to
1) DON’T SIGN THE PETITION!!! Ask your friends and neighbors in Medina to not sign the petition. If you see them gathering signatures, you may ask them questions and take up some of their time in doing so, and point out any inconsistencies with the truth. They seem to be using the bathroom issue and school athletics as their main talking points. You may remind them that
  A) The Education Department’s Title IX states that transgender students have the right to use the restroom that is in alignment with their gender identity. This is the law for all public schools, including Medina City Schools.
 B) The Ohio High School Athletic Association allows transgender students to participate in sport activities that align with their gender identity. Transgender students should have equal opportunity to participate in interscholastic and intercollegiate sports.
 C) Jesus said ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  they may need that reminder.
Feel free to engage them, and if you aren’t from Medina, but want to help out in this effort, please let us know. If you are visiting the Medina Farmer’s Market, Art in the Park, or other events before August 7 ( the date they need to turn signatures into the Medina Board of Elections.).
Hope to see you on Monday!