Hello, friends!
I hope this finds you all enjoying your summer! Today is the day! Go out and do something fun that you love to do!!
OutSupport would like to invite you to a party to celebrate the passing of the Nondiscrimination Ordinance here in Medina! While we still aren’t yet sure about the status of the efforts of the Ohio Christian Alliance’s efforts to overturn the ordinance in the fall (can anyone say roller coaster ride???), we feel that what was accomplished is definately worth celebrating! Please join us for a casual get-together on Sunday, Aug 18, 2019 from 3-7pm at the Huffman/Cunningham Park (part of the Medina City Park System), whose entrance is off Weymouth Road (Route 3), in the northern part of Medina. OutSupport will be supplying the food, which will be available from 4-6pm, as well as beverages and dessert! Please bring lawn chairs, refillable water bottles/ reusable straws (there will be milkshakes!), and frisbees or other outdoor game! This park has a nice playground, and a walking trail and mountain bike trail! Cash or check donations will be gratefully accepted to help defray the cost of the event! We hope to see old and new friends on the 18th!!
If the ordinance does become a ballot issue, we should know by the time of the party, and we will talk about what our next steps will be. Let’s all cross our fingers, visualize, and pray (your choice;)) that this does not go to ballot!!
Because this ordinance continues to be a controversial issue in Medina (SIGH), if you live in Medina area, we need to continue to let the public know that there is support for the ordinance (the opponents are being very vocal), we’d like to request that you send a letter of support to The Medina Post and/or The Medina Gazette in the Letters to the Editor section. Let your neighbors and friends know that this is an important step forward for the people of Medina, and that the information that the Ohio Christian Alliance used to get signatures were lies (they said that the ballot issue would be bathrooms and sports teams. The ordinance did not affect those issues.) In your letter, don’t forget to thank the Medina City Council for their votes that passed the ordinance. IF this goes to ballot, Medina would be the first city with an ordinance to be challenged in the voting booth. That in itself says a lot about Medina. Let’s just all hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, I’m ready to defend the ordinance. I hope you are too!
Other news: As happened in the past, Akron Pride and the Medina Fest are on the same date and time!! Saturday, August 24! I hope everyone has a great time at Akron PRIDE, but I feel a presence in Medina is really important. OutSupport will again be teaming up with the Medina Diversity Project and share a table! If you are there, stop by, say Hi and grab a flag or stickers, and show your pride in Medina! I send all my Akron PRIDE friends big hugs from Medina!!
Our next regular OutSupport support group meeting will be on Monday, Aug. 26 at 7:00! I hope to see you there if you need support, or want to give support on our journeys!