Happy 2020!!
We hope that your 2020 is getting off to a good start! We are happy to continue to help make life a little better for LGBTQ individuals in NEOhio. Here are some things that we look forward to in the near future!
Outsupport is getting set to provide each elementary and middle school in Medina County (public schools) funds to purchase Age appropriate literature for each building school library! Each Middle School will receive $75 and each Elementary School, $50. This is from the grant that OutSupport received in 2019 for this purpose from the Medina Women’s
Endowment Fund. We hope to have all the schools receive the books by spring break! Hopefully, this will help each child see their lives reflected in the books on the shelves of their school’s library, and help them feel safer and supported there.
Additionally, we will be presenting at John Carroll University in January and May, and College of Wooster in April! We’ll be busy with other local events as well in Medina County.
We are super happy to offer at our January 27 meeting: LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sex Ed
It came to my attention from an article on NPR that there is little or no Sex Ed specific to LGBTQ+ teens in Health Classes. Often, even for hetero youth, much information is lacking during health class for this topic. So, I was lucky to have met Liam Gallagher, Center Program Manager from Kaleidoscope youth Center in Columbus, who offered such a program!!
We hope that many youth and young adults can join OutSupport for this much needed program.
Bring a friend! Also welcome are school teachers, counselors, and administration, as well as anyone else who works with teens and young adults. Flyer attached.
Additionally, we will again welcome the Medina County Health Dept. to provide free Hep A/HIV Screenings from 5:30-7:00 prior to the meeting. You don’t need an appointment to have testing done…just show up and the Health Dept. folks will see you right away!
Our friends at the Medina G2H2 Social Community will be getting together on Thursday, January 16 at 5:30 at Santa Suossos Restaurant…3725 Medina Road (Yours Truly Plaza), and also on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 5:30 (location TBD) For more info, contact Matt
The Blazing River Band is always looking for musicians to join in! They meet at 7:00pm at Pilgrim UCC 2592 W. 14th St. Cleveland (Tremont area).
Jan. 13   Game Night/Meet and Greet
Jan. 27   Rehearsals start for a May 2 concert titled: “Queer We are: Music Celebrating Springtime and the Queer Experience”
For more information   info@blazingriverband.org
The cuyahoga Valley Queer Hike group had a successful hike last weekend…check them out on Facebook…and enjoy our beautiful Cuyahoga Valley with some new friends!!!
Wishing you the best in 2020!!