Hello friends of OutSupport! We hope that you are enjoying summer as much as you can! We miss our monthly in person meetings, and while I can’t promise you that we will be able to meet soon, I do want to keep you always aware of ways to celebrate who you are, exactly however you define yourself!

Here’s a few ways to celebrate PRIDE, even if they are virtual!

1) It’s back to school time! If you are in school, or love a child/teen going back to school will be so different this year. Here are a couple of things to be aware of to help support your younger loved ones!
American Library Association has its’ Rainbow list of K-12 LGBTQ themed books and other media. I don’t know if students will have access to their school libraries this year, so these books may help with reading options.
Also, for music “class”…check out www.antsonalogmusic.com and their new compilation of music by and for trans and nonbinary youth! A curated playlist created by folks at Camp Arunu’tic, a summer camp for trans and ninbinary youth.
For a lot of our youth, school at home is a welcome option…however school looks, we wish you success!

2)I had the pleasure of speaking with the creators of a new App from our friends at CANAPI in Akron! The ICAN mobile app helps you find HIV testing in your area, and more! Attached, please see flyer with details!

3) A Kent State University Doctoral student is working on her dissertation, and she is looking for LGBTQIA+ College students who like to write, and be part of research that will include a virtual writing group (and get paid!), please see the attached Recruitment letter for more details.

4) Akron PRIDE Festival Virtual Scavenger Hunt! Aug. 14- 23! Hosted by Akron PRIDE Festival, CANAPI and Plexus: Chamber of Commerce for LGBT Community and Allies
Get up off the couch, grab your phone, and do a virtual scavenger hunt around the Akron area, take a pic of the item, and download for prizes!!! Details on the Akron PRIDE Festival Facebook page! 30+ items to find! Have fun!!

5)If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest Ohio LGBTQIA+ News and views, look no further than The Buckeye Flame! Our friend, Ken Schenk, recently started publishing lots of great articles, all about Ohio-related information. www.thebuckeyeflame.com
Stay in the loop!

6) HRC will be hosting a National Virtual Event on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020
entitled “UNITE FOR EQUALITY”. Registration is required on the HRC.org website.
HRC hosts some amazing events, and the speakers will be fantastic!

7) As you may have heard, there is a new Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. Our friends at Equality Ohio are urging all of us to call the new Speaker to demand the Equality Act move forward. Call Speaker Robert Cupp at 614-466-9624 to let him know that this is important to us all!! Equality Ohio will not stop until all Ohioans have EQUALITY!!

8) We still have funds for free binders and gaffs for trans and nonbinary youth up to age 22! Just contact us and we will get your details and put the order in for you! We want all teens to see themselves more accurately reflected in the mirror each day! xo

OK…that’s it for now! Give yourself a hug from us at OutSupport!