Hi all…As I write this, the snow is on it’s way! I hope that everyone stays warm and snug for the rest of this week…spring is really just around the corner!!
We’ve been pretty busy with different organizations, or will be, I should say. Covid has stopped our monthly meetings, but has opened up other doors to be able to support the LGBTQ communities in NEOhio.
Here is a rundown of organizations that we will be doing our best to be a part of. As volunteers with OutSupport, Amy and I do what we can, but with our other professions and commitments, we are not always 100% successful. Just know that we will try our best!
We look forward to working with all of these groups as our time allows, and find each of them worthy of all we can do!

1) Ohio KAN Regional Advisory Council, which helps with issues related to kinship and adoption situations (we will provide insight of our experiences with LGBTQ Youth and family issues that we are aware of).
2) Akron area LGBT+ Needs Assessment, research by a Kent State PhD Candidate (whose research outcomes may impact additional services for the LGBTQ communities in the Akron Regional areas)
3) MetroHealth KidzPride has asked us to help connect “new” parents of trans youth with “experienced” parents.
4) Equality Ohio has a new initiative supporting LGBTQ+ youth related to the Ohio Statehouse, standing up for LGBTQ youth.
5) An Ohio State History Professor reached out to us, as he is writing up an essay on 2019 and all of the city ordinances that happened that year, including Medina’s! Medina will be mentioned several times in the OSU Public History website, Origins, due this spring. We submitted pictures taken at Medina City Hall, and the rally the evening before the vote. Just think…we were part of history!!
6) Amy and I will be joining PFLAG with a conversation with Representative Anthony Gonzales’s office regarding LGBTQ+ protections, and how important they are to families like ours.
7) We purchased 5-6 binders and gaffs this month, and spoke to several parents and grandparents to help them know what resources and programs are available to their families.
8) Our first OutSupport Outdoors, for families of trans and non-binary youth 17 and under ONLY, will be in 2 months..help spread the word if you know any families wanting some outdoor, safe connection time with other parents and teens/children. Details on our OutSupport Facebook page Events area (masking and social distance required). April 26 6-8 pm, River Styx County Park (Medina County, just north of Wadsworth). BYO beverage and lawn chairs, snacks provided.

So, we will continue to do what we can to support equality, health, safety, and families as best we can…of that you can be assured!

A couple additional news items for you to be aware of:

Our friends at Love on a Mission (LOAM), in Mansfield/Ashland, are happy to announce that they will be moving into a permanent space!! They are moving into their new, permanent meeting space at Grace Episcopal Church, 41 Bowman St. in Mansfield!
Check out their Facebook page, as they are collecting various rainbow themed items to make their permanent space fabulous!! There is an Amazon link for requested and needed items! Congratulations to Deena Pfahler and all of her and her team’s efforts to make the Mansfield and Ashland areas a better place for LGBTQ teens and their families!

Another important news item is that Columbus Stonewall PRIDE will be virtual again this year. I imagine that this is the first of many PRIDE events we may hear about :((. We will try to keep you updated on any additional information for other PRIDE events).

OK…stay safe, stay warm, and stay healthy!

Kindest regards,