Hello, OutSupport friends,

Well, it’s been a time this past week or so…
good news: the House of Representatives passed the Equality Act(YAY!!!) and it will make its way to the Senate!! Very proud to see another mom of a transgender young person in Congress, standing up for her child.
Bad news…her neighbor across the hall.
So, it is really important for all of us to make contact with our Ohio Senators, Roba Portman and Sherrod Brown, to let them know how important their support is for the Equality Act. This is the first time that the Equality Act will have hearings in the US Senate. Please take a couple minutes to email or call both of them. Make sure you leave your name and zip code or town you live in here in Ohio.
Senator Rob Portman Cleveland office 216-522-7095
Washington, DC 202-224-3353
Email him through his website www.portman.senate.gov

Senator Sherrod Brown Cleveland office 216-522-7272
Washington, DC 202-224-2315
Email him through his website www.brown.senate.gov

For additional ways to get involved and understand more about the Equality Act, please visit www.equalityohio.org or www.hrc.org/in-your-area/ohio Both organizations offer up to date information and educational events regarding equality, nationally and here in Ohio.

Now for local info:
I’ve had the pleasure of talking to many mothers in the past several weeks, and want to make sure that everyone knows ways to get support for their teen or child…we have lots of support and educational organizations in our area, trying our best to support families and individuals. Coincidentally, we just had a zoom call with the new Director of Feeding Medina County, Katy Fuerst, who wants OutSupport families to know that you are always welcome to contact Feeding Medina County if you need food assistance. If you are looking for ways to stretch your budget, they are here to help. There are often costs involved with transitioning that are outside of the regular household budget, whether the pandemic is on or not. Binders,wigs, name change costs, changing clothing needs, hormone therapy costs, and surgery costs all add up for families and individuals and Katy wants you to know that you are welcome to contact Feeding Medina County at 330-421-4816 for further information. You will be at a safe space with Katy and her staff!

We are excited to start our trans and gender nonconforming youth (17 and under) and their parent/guardian, program: OutSupport OutDoors! starting in April! See attached flyer for all spring/summer dates! Free binder/gaff are available, too! Contact us!
Our friends at Colors+ have sent flyers for upcoming programming, and they also have programming weekly for Trans youth! Check out their website for more details and contact info
www.colorsplus.org see attached flyers for some of their events!
The LGBT Center in Cleveland continues to offer their Queer Youth Initiative and are accepting applications for PRIDE Scholarships! www.lgbtcleveland.org check them out..lots of great activities for youth!
Camp Lilac is offering virtual camps for trans and gender nonconforming children/teens 11-17 years old in June and July! www.camplilac.org
META Center, Inc. is an Akron based non-profit hosting programming for transgender youth with a Facebook page and www.metacenterinc.org for additional information
Margie’s Hope continues to provide programming for all ages of transgender individuals and families! www.margieshope.org
Lots of schools have a GSA (Gender and Sexualities Alliance) school group. www.glsen.org/northeastoh.org can connect you with your closest school with a GSA, or help you get started in a school without a GSA!
For homeless LGBTQ youth, 13-17 CANAPI in Akron has resources for these children. They offer support for the LGBTQIA community in many other ways…check them out! www.canapi.org
Finally, for monthly virtual support for families and individuals, we are so lucky to have PFLAG Akron, PFLAG Cleveland, and PFLAG Kent,as well as TransCend out of Canton. Prism of Wayne County ,LGBTQ+ Lorain County, LGBTQ+Allies Lake County also have Facebook pages.

As you can see, there are many resources (and really…there are many more resources, when you include medical facilities, colleges and universities,and counseling centers, etc..) available to provide information, support and advocacy in our regional area. If you want to talk to someone, always feel free to reach out to any of these organizations….lots of good peoples out there!

Kindest regards,