Greetings,OutSupport friends!

I hope this finds you all well, despite the news of anti-lgbtq legislation that is happening in many states, including Ohio. Please keep yourself informed regarding Ohio HB 454, which bans gender affirming care to transgender youth and punishes the doctors, hospitals, and counselors that treat our minors for gender dysphoria. TransOhio and Equality Ohio are working hard to not let this go forward, but all of our voices are important to be heard so that it goes no further. Thank you for speaking up. Please visit for action steps and additional information.

There is SO MUCH going on!!! I’ll try and make things brief, with links for further info!
1) For teachers in Ohio and many other states, GLSEN now has a Rainbow Library that provides free LGBTQ+ themed books to school libraries! Check out www.rainbowlibrary.orgfor information and the opportunity to donate to this amazing project!
2) Camp Lilac, Northern Ohio’s summer camp devoted to trans and nonbinary youth, is accepting applications now! There are in-person and virtual camps this summer! Visit for more information!
3) North Coast Men’s Chorus will present Shoeless, A Musical Tale of Cinderella, at Playhouse Square (Mimi Ohio theatre) on Sat. March 12 and March 13. Discounts available to GSA groups by using the code GLSENEDU for select seating. Such a talented group of amazing singers!
4) LGBTQ+? Need a spiritual retreat? Unity is a non-denominational  spiritual tradition that has long welcomed and celebrated LGBTQ+ humans. OutSupport has had our home at Unity of Medina until Covid struck (we do hope to start in person meetings in the fall…stay tuned). Unity Village, near Kansas City MO is holding a special spiritual retreat, Liberating Your Divine Identity, An LGBTQ+ Retreat from June 9-12,2022. The retreat will be led by Unity leaders from across the gender and sexuality spectrum. For more info and to register:
5) Our friends at CLAW will be offering their (adult only) weekends here in Cleveland, and also in Los Angeles, CA this year. This organization raises funds for local and national LGBTQ+ organizations, including OutSupport! Fun fact: the first donation OutSupport received was from CLAW, and the funds they provided helped us establish our 501(c)3 status, which, in turn, allowed us to establish our UnderSupport program, providing free binders and gaffs to youth and many other grants that have kept OutSupport moving forward! We have received several additional funds over the years from this group, and we are very grateful for their financial support! For more info:
6)  I’m happy to be able to present for Kent State University LGBTQ Center…So, Your Kid Came Out As LGBTQ….Now What?!! again on March 14 It’s not always easy to hear that one’s kid is LGBTQ+ , but hopefully as a mom of 2 LGBTQ (now adult) kids, I can help some other “new” parents along the way. Glad to give back to the University that has done so much for 3 generations in my family, and so much for the LGBTQ community at KSU. Registration through the QR Code on the flyer attached.
7)  OutSupport is grateful to announce a donation was  made to us by the First Energy ERG, Alternate Current. We are grateful!!!
8) Amy and I are presenting Transgender 101 to John Carroll University on March 14 and to the Medina County Health Dept. on March 30. We hope to present to the remaining GSA groups in Medina County by the end of the school year with the Medina County Health Dept.!
9) SAVE THE DATES!!!We are excited to announce our OutSupport OutDoors programming for this year for LGBTQ+ youth and their parents! All except the June event will be held at River Styx County Park (between Wadsworth and Medina) from 6-8pm. Unless things change via Covid, masks will be optional. Snacks provided, bring your own non-alcoholic beverage. The June 14 event will be held on the Medina Square, and we welcome all LGBTQ+ families and friends to bring a picnic or snack, and we will have another chalk art event around the Square for PRIDE month! All ages welcome and hopefully, this will be a nice reunion for all!Dates are: (Tuesdays). April 26, May 17, June 14, July 12, August 16, and Sept. 13. We hope to see many old and new friends at these events. Facebook events will be up soon for all events!

In support and solidarity,
Pronouns: she/her